The Tiniest Egg


Pellets has been Adopted!

Pellets was adopted a couple weeks ago, and she’s doing great in her new home! She has the best family, gets lots of attention, and finally has another horse around to hang out with. Of course we miss her, but we’re really glad she has such a great forever home.

If you’re interested in adopting a horse, Desert Angel Rescue has several horses available for adoption. Check them out!



I love walking around a corner and catching these two snuggling. : )

curious bunny



It’s always an adventure…

Woke up this morning, went to make coffee, looked out the window, and saw a HUGE HAWK hanging out INSIDE my chicken coop! Unacceptable. (Hawks eat chickens). So, I immediately headed out to battle the talon-wielding beast, [Read more…]


How to turn an old pair of jeans into a cute maxi skirt.

maxi skirt
I love maxi skirts. They’re comfortable, you look put together without trying too hard, and best of all, you don’t have to worry about being lady-like while wearing them – you can go about your farm chores (or go bowling…) without flashing anyone. I’ve had a hard time finding a cute casual one, so I decided to turn this pair of jeans into a super cute maxi skirt. My sewing skills are not at all great, so pretty much anyone that can turn on a sewing machine can do it. Here’s the tutorial. [Read more…]


Adoptable Mustang: Pellets

Pellets is available for adoption to an approved home. She is an incredibly sweet and gentle black and white  paint mustang mare. She loves kids and is great with smaller animals like friendly goats, chickens, and dogs.  We are looking for a home where she will have access to pasture or a large turnout area daily, along with another horse, pony, mini or donkey companion. [Read more…]


Pumpkin 2012

Peabody gets to “carve” his own pumpkin each year. He usually loves playing fetch with them, but this year he was more interested in eating it than playing with it. The goats and chickens watched patiently, waiting for their chance to grab a bite. The horse was not at all interested in this pumpkin business.

Looks like it’s time to give the dog a bath. : )