The Easter Bunny?

So, this week I noticed that our bunny has developed a dark polka dot on his back…and the spot kinda looks like a cross! The timing was pretty awesome since Easter is coming up next week. It’s a nice reminder that even though we should all enjoy the fun stuff that comes along with Easter, like candy, and Easter egg hunts, and candy…we should first remember the true reason for the holiday. [Read more…]



I love walking around a corner and catching these two snuggling. : )

curious bunny



Neutering the Rabbit

Well, the rabbit was neutered on Thursday. It was a tough call, because I know neutering rabbits is risky, but I’ve read some horror stories about male rabbits becoming aggressive as hormones kick in. And then there’s the marking. Milk Bone had been completely litterbox trained up until a few weeks ago, when he decided the living room sofa was an appropriate place to go.  Overall, I decided it would be best to neuter him now, before the marking and other bad behaviors really kick in, and while he’s still young and can bounce back easily. [Read more…]


I’ll flip you for it.




Milk Bone