Horseshoe Animal Rescue

We take in a very small number of animals in need, provide mental & physical rehabilitation, and care for them until a stable home can be found. We also foster animals for other rescues from time to time.


Adoptable Mini-Nubian Goats

These two mini-nubian goats are from Buttercup & Betsy’s first kidding. They’re approx. 2yrs old, very well cared for, loved, and in great shape. Their family is having some difficulties, and they are no longer able to care for them, so we’re helping them find a new home. Khaki is a doe, Truffles is a wether. They are mini-nubians (3/4 nubian, 1/4 nigerian dwarf) so they’re mid-sized. [Read more…]


Adoptable Goats

We’re helping the owner of these two goats find a good home for them. They are both friendly, loved and well cared for pets, but their owner can no longer keep them. [Read more…]


Rocco the Rooster

Rocco was found wandering around a neighborhood after a monsoon storm last month. A good Samaritan named Tracy brought him to us after an unsuccessful search for his owners.

Rocco is a very tiny bantam ameraucana / Easter Egger chicken. He is quiet, shy, and not at all aggressive. He loves eating fresh fruits and veggies and goes crazy over his mealworm treats. (YUCK.) He would love to find a flock of his own and a permanent coop to call home.

Rocco is available to a good home for an adoption fee of only $1.00! Contact Us to set up a time to meet him.

Rocco | Adoptable Bantam Ameraucana Rooster


Update: Rocco has been adopted! He has a great new home in Queen Creek where he can free range with a flock of his own. : )


Foster Ducks

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Ducks & Silkies


Ducklings doing cute stuff


The Ducklings Are Getting Big!