Horseshoe Animal Rescue

We take in a very small number of animals in need, provide mental & physical rehabilitation, and care for them until a stable home can be found. We also foster animals for other rescues from time to time.


Faith has been Adopted!

Our beautiful foster mustang went to her new home on Sunday. [Read more…]


Orphaned Ducklings

We have five foster ducklings, and they are pretty much the cutest little peeps ever! These guys are about a week old and are wild mallards – their mother was hit by a car. [Read more…]




Pellets Update

I went over to visit Pellets (now Bandida) last weekend, and she is doing so great! I’m really excited to see her happy, loved, well cared for, and TRAINED! [Read more…]



Adoptable Mustang: Faith

We have a new foster rescue horse – another beautiful mustang with the longest, wavy mane and tail I’ve ever seen on a horse in person. Her name is Faith and she’s about 7yrs old and 14hh. Faith is a titled BLM mustang from the Kamma Mountains area in Nevada. She was captured from the wild as a part of the government’s herd management program (read more about this at WildHorseEducation >>) and [Read more…]


Pellets has been Adopted!

Pellets was adopted a couple weeks ago, and she’s doing great in her new home! She has the best family, gets lots of attention, and finally has another horse around to hang out with. Of course we miss her, but we’re really glad she has such a great forever home.

If you’re interested in adopting a horse, Desert Angel Rescue has several horses available for adoption. Check them out!