postorphaned ducklings

Orphaned Ducklings

We have five foster ducklings, and they are pretty much the cutest little peeps ever! These guys are about a week old and are wild mallards – their mother was hit by a car. Some good Samaritans were able to herd them under a bush, and a volunteer from East Valley Wildlife Rescue took them in. Since they hatched in the wild, they will never be completely tame, so we’ll just be fostering them until they decide to fly off on their own.

These ducklings are WILD and absolutely terrified of everything, but they’re eating and drinking well, and they seem to be settling in and calming down now that they’ve been here for a couple days. It’s been a learning experience for sure. I now know what people mean when they say ducks are messy, but the cuteness certainly makes up for it.

I’ll post more pics and updates soon!

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