Baby Goat Update

The baby goats are 6 and 8 weeks old now, and they’re getting so big! I’m trying to squeeze in every moment of time with them I can – they’re just so adorable. We’ve been working on leash training and lots of socialization. [Read more…]


New Arrivals :)

We’re excited to have three new happy, healthy baby nubian goats! Buttercup and Betsy delivered their kids on March 1st and March 12. Their names are Downton Abbey themed : )

Here’s Branson:

branson | baby nubian goat


isobel | baby nubian goat


And Daisy:

daisy | baby nubian goat

Branson has been reserved and will be going to an excellent home where he’ll be a pet and trail companion. Daisy will be staying here at the farm, and Isobel is available to an approved home.



Gigolo | Nubian Buck | Horseshoe.Farm


Adoptable Goats

We’re helping the owner of these two goats find a good home for them. They are both friendly, loved and well cared for pets, but their owner can no longer keep them. [Read more…]


New Goat Milk Soaps


The Chicken Ate My Banana.


New Buck!

We have a new addition – a ridiculously cute 5 1/2 month old nubian buckling. He’s the sweetest little guy ever, and just loves to be snuggled. So far he’s settling in well and getting along great with BamBam. BamBam is keeping him company in quarantine until his lab results come back clear, and then we’re hoping this little guy will be the 2016 goat kid baby daddy.

Nathan gets to name the boys, so… wait for it… meet Gigolo.
Or Jiggi, or Jiggles (family-friendly version)  : )