We found Penny living in a chicken coop with her two newborn kids. She had been neglected and was terrified of people. [Read more…]


Hey, can I have some of that?


“Green” Eggs (Hold the Ham)

At first, people think I’m a little crazy when I tell them I have chickens as pets. It seemed to make perfect sense to me, going right along with the other green lifestyle changes I’ve made, but I guess green eggs aren’t on the minds of most. So let’s examine the different choices you have when it comes to eggs, and why you might want to make a switch or get a few backyard chickens of your own. [Read more…]


What Ingredients Are in Your “Organic” Products?

Organic labels on personal care products can be deceiving. Due to a lack of regulation of personal care product labeling, products can have the word organic in their brand or product name, but unless the product is USDA Certified organic, you may not be getting what you paid for. [Read more…]


To Kill a Cockatiel

A few years ago, I started boiling some water in a non-stick coated pot, forgot about it and left the house. I returned a few hours later to find the water had evaporated and the pot was steaming on the stove. In the next room, I found my pet cockatiel, Newton, dead. Heartbroken and shocked, I later learned that some non-stick coatings can release fumes that are deadly to birds, especially if the pan is overheated. Wikipedia states the chemical polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) , used in some non-stick coatings, can cause flu-like symptoms in humans and can be lethal to birds. [Read more…]


Chemicals & Shampoo

Once you decide to start choosing organic and chemical-free products, it seems like you have to keep breaking old habits at every turn. I’ve been using the same shampoo for years, a cheap “grocery” brand that my hairstylist chastises me for using at each visit. Shampoo is shampoo, right?

Well, apparently not. My stylist said that a lot of cheap shampoos contain chemicals that temporarily smooth or add shine, but actually damage your hair in the long run. The artificial chemicals are cheaper than all-natural ingredients, hence, you get what you pay for when you buy cheap shampoo. Still not convinced, I did some research on my own. [Read more…]