Non Sequitur

Just some random thoughts.


The Chicken Ate My Banana.

The Chicken Ate My Banana.

#FarmGirlProblems  #ThingsYouDontHearEveryDay

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Low point of my day? It was not going to the dentist and discovering a new cavity. It was not shovelling dirt in 110 degree heat. It was when the goat drank my mango margarita.  He seemed pleased.



If God wanted us to see the sunrise, He would have scheduled it later in the day.


The Easter Bunny?

So, this week I noticed that our bunny has developed a dark polka dot on his back…and the spot kinda looks like a cross! The timing was pretty awesome since Easter is coming up next week. It’s a nice reminder that even though we should all enjoy the fun stuff that comes along with Easter, like candy, and Easter egg hunts, and candy…we should first remember the true reason for the holiday. [Read more…]



You decide to get your dog a pet rabbit for his 5th birthday


You discover said rabbit is litterbox trained and can therefore roam around the house with minimal supervision


It’s still really important to make sure said rabbit is securely locked in his cage at night


Your risk of fire from said rabbit chewing through plugged-in electrical cables while you slumber greatly increases.

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The problem with php is that it’s just too darn logical.