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How to tell if your chicken eggs are fertilized

If you’re thinking about hatching some chicks from your backyard hens, you’ll need to make sure your eggs are fertile before popping them into the incubator. So how can you tell if your eggs are fertilized? Take a look at the yolks [Read more…]


Adoptable Mustang: Faith

We have a new foster rescue horse – another beautiful mustang with the longest, wavy mane and tail I’ve ever seen on a horse in person. Her name is Faith and she’s about 7yrs old and 14hh. Faith is a titled BLM mustang from the Kamma Mountains area in Nevada. She was captured from the wild as a part of the government’s herd management program (read more about this at WildHorseEducation >>) and [Read more…]


Baby Goats!

Betsy and Buttercup are our new nubian dairy goats. : ) [Read more…]


Goat Toys

Our neighbor brought a couple of her horses over to help keep our pasture mowed, and one of them is the cutest little yearling colt. He hasn’t been around goats or chickens before, and is doing really well so far. He really wants to play with them, and they are having none of that, so I figured I’d put a toy out for him to help keep him busy. I poured some chicken scratch into a 5-gallon water bottle and tossed it out in the pasture.

Well, the horses nudged at it for awhile and gave up, but the goats think this is the best thing in the world. They’ve been rolling it around, jumping on it, and head-butting it all day, trying to get the grains to fall out. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy toy for your goats, give it a try! This would be especially nice for keeping goats that are confined to a stall busy and challenged.

goat toys


The Easter Bunny?

So, this week I noticed that our bunny has developed a dark polka dot on his back…and the spot kinda looks like a cross! The timing was pretty awesome since Easter is coming up next week. It’s a nice reminder that even though we should all enjoy the fun stuff that comes along with Easter, like candy, and Easter egg hunts, and candy…we should first remember the true reason for the holiday. [Read more…]