Life on the Farm

Well, at the moment it's not so much a farm as about an acre of land in the suburbs with some fruit trees, a few dairy goats, and a bunch of chickens. It's Farm-ish. :)


Another Trip to the Vet

Allergies. It seems most people I talk to have issues with their dogs and allergies these days. Peabody has ear infections again and the doctor thinks allergies are the cause. He tried out a new medication today – instead of the usual twice-a-day drops and oral antibiotics, he squeezed a tube of thick goo into each ear. [Read more…]


Doggie Doorbell

Both of our previous homes had doggie doors. Really big doggie doors – large enough for our mastiff, great danes and stray elephants to climb through. When we moved to acreage, we decided to forego the doogie door. A pack of wild coyotes visits our property frequently, along with a number of feral cats, and we really didn’t want to come home to find them in our living room. [Read more…]


Homemade Fly / Mosquito Spray

So I went to the store to pick up some spray to keep the flies off the horse. They had a few options, each of which contained some sort of “DO NOT ALLOW CONTACT WITH SKIN…WASH OFF IMMEDIATELY” warning. I opted not to buy any of these. Why would I spray something all over my horse if I have to wash it off immediately if I get it on me?? [Read more…]


Hey, can I have some of that?


What Ingredients Are in Your “Organic” Products?

Organic labels on personal care products can be deceiving. Due to a lack of regulation of personal care product labeling, products can have the word organic in their brand or product name, but unless the product is USDA Certified organic, you may not be getting what you paid for. [Read more…]


To Kill a Cockatiel

A few years ago, I started boiling some water in a non-stick coated pot, forgot about it and left the house. I returned a few hours later to find the water had evaporated and the pot was steaming on the stove. In the next room, I found my pet cockatiel, Newton, dead. Heartbroken and shocked, I later learned that some non-stick coatings can release fumes that are deadly to birds, especially if the pan is overheated. Wikipedia states the chemical polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) , used in some non-stick coatings, can cause flu-like symptoms in humans and can be lethal to birds. [Read more…]


Chemicals & Shampoo

Once you decide to start choosing organic and chemical-free products, it seems like you have to keep breaking old habits at every turn. I’ve been using the same shampoo for years, a cheap “grocery” brand that my hairstylist chastises me for using at each visit. Shampoo is shampoo, right?

Well, apparently not. My stylist said that a lot of cheap shampoos contain chemicals that temporarily smooth or add shine, but actually damage your hair in the long run. The artificial chemicals are cheaper than all-natural ingredients, hence, you get what you pay for when you buy cheap shampoo. Still not convinced, I did some research on my own. [Read more…]