Doggie Doorbell

Both of our previous homes had doggie doors. Really big doggie doors – large enough for our mastiff, great danes and stray elephants to climb through. When we moved to acreage, we decided to forego the doogie door. A pack of wild coyotes visits our property frequently, along with a number of feral cats, and we really didn’t want to come home to find them in our living room.

This left us with one very large mastiff that was used to going out any time he wanted stuck inside with no way to signal when he wanted out. Not wanting to encourage barking, whining, scratching at the door, or sitting 1/2 inch from my face and panting until I got the message and let him out, I needed to find a better way to go about doggie-doorless living.

My sister hung a cute little jingle bell from her back door and taught her miniature poodles to ring it when they want to go out, so I decided to copy the idea, contemporary farm-style. I picked up a cowbell and mounted it next to the door on this cute little hook. I taught our mastiff to nudge the bell with his nose when he wants out. So far, so good.  : )

Cowbell: Michaels
Chain: Petco, Small Dog Collar
Hook: IKEA 

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