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Itty Bitty Green Eggs!

We officially have our first miniature green eggs. : ) These tiny green ones were laid by our silkie-ameraucana mix girl, Jacqueline. We are one step closer to our goal: Green egg-laying silkies. Also pictured below is Marguerite, our “sizzle” girl. Marguerite is a silkie frizzle mix and lays the tiny dark tan eggs.

Jacqueline, Silkiecana

Marguerite, Bantam Sizzle

The girls were named after the evil step-sisters in Ever After, but they both have really sweet personalities. They’re out free-ranging with Harry, an unrelated black silkie boy, and as soon as the weather cools down a bit I’ll be hatching some of their chicks. Hopefully we’ll end with some silkie-feathered girls that still lay green. As for the sizzle, I’m hoping the next generation will also be a little silkier while maintaining the nice curl.


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