Goat Milk Soap

I’ve been working on making goat milk soap over the last few months. Yes, you can make soap out of milk! It’s crazy. Seriously, dumping a bunch of coconut oil, goat milk and a handful of other things into a bowl and ending up with soap in a few hours is a very cool homesteading experience. It’s been a nice way to use up all of this extra milk that’s been taking up the frig, but it’s also nice knowing exactly what’s going into it since soap gets rubbed all over your skin every day.

goat milk soap

I’m still working on perfecting my recipes, but I’m having fun trying out different things and made some cute labels for the soaps I gave to friends and family for Christmas this year. If you’ve never used goat milk soap, you’re really missing out and need to get your hands on some asap! Look for it at your local farmer’s market. I can’t believe how soft, smooth and hydrated my skin feels.  I really like the natural, rustic look and feel, too.  I’m completely hooked and cannot go back to “regular” soap now.  Next on my list of things to try to make: Goat milk shampoo! I’m sure it will be just as amazing as the soap.

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