When we found Cassie, she was completely skin and bones. She had been housed in a stall with a buck that would not allow her to eat, and bred continuously. She was so terrified of people it was impossible to get within 20 feet of her. She had clearly been used for roping at some point, because the sight of any rope, string, leash or lead sent her running in fear. She cowered in fear when captured, and was likely abused. Her hooves were so long they were curving over and she couldn’t stand properly.

Cassie was listed for sale as a two year old, but my best guess is that she was at least 10. She was pregnant when she came home with us and delivered three adorable little boys here on the farm.  It took over 8 months to get Cassie to a point where she would allow someone to touch her, but she finally came around and started taking treats from me and allowing me to scratch her shoulders. This poor little girl must have been loved by someone at some point, because she knew how to stand politely for milking and hoof trims. I have no idea how she ended up in such terrible hands.

Cassie tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne’s and now lives on an organic farm, in charge of weed control with another older companion doe. They enjoy plenty of fresh veggie trimmings and lots of space to run and be goats.

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