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Goats “Helping” with Projects

We’ve been working on installing some new fencing out in the pasture, splitting it into two separate sections. The goats have had fun “helping” with the project. Betsy, Supervisor: goats helping with projects Dozer, in charge of shovels:goats helping with projects Dozer, also in charge of tools: goats helping with projects Buttercup, chewing on the fence posts: goats helping with projects Betsy, eating the grass off the tops of the clumps of dirt we dug out of the hole. Apparently this is better than “normal” grass: goats helping with projects Mo, standing on the not-quite-dry concrete and leaning on the not-quite-set post: goats helping with projects Mo, standing on top of Goat Mountain: goat-mountain It would certainly be easier to work with this little herd tucked away in their stalls, but it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining. : )

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